Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Take Not Away the Life you cannot Give, for all Things have an Equal Right to Live"

Ching Ching was a very special chick with a very sweet nature. It was amazingly smart and so endearing.

Because Ching Ching was like a tiny fragile baby, I devoted more and more of my time caring for him. I kept it in the room near my bed. I would cover the big metal cage at night with sheets of newspaper so that if it was windy, it would not blow into the cage. There was still plenty of ventilation on the corners of the cage that did not face the window.

In the morning, when others came into my room or talked, Ching Ching would still be quiet even though it could hear their footsteps or voices. But if I spoke or got up from bed to walk in my slippers, it would start his little chirps softly. Because it knew that I would soon lift up the newspapers, change its drinking water, clean its cage or hand-feed it and so on.

Although Ching Ching could not see me when I was in bed, but it soon recognized the sounds that I made when I drank from a bottle before rising each morning. Whenever I began to drink the water, Ching Ching would start his pleasant chirping softly.

It became clear to us that Ching Ching could distinguish my voice and the sounds I made. Because he would acknowledged it by chirping sweetly.

Ching Ching was obviously happy when he could see us. He appeared most comfortable and contented in the presence of people. Ching Ching was very calm and relaxed when he was on my hand.  

Here are photos of Ching Ching from the day he entered our lives until he was about a month old. You can see him perching on our hands, sleeping, stretching its feet and so on.